Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Situation

Bill's mood today: Generally good.
Weather: Stunning and 70 degrees.
Pairs he tried on before this one: One other one. I was going to wear my "Day of the Dead" ones, but my daughter told me it didn't go very well with my YouTube jacket so I changed.
Reason he picked this one: My daughter thought it would look best with my "New York Black" outfit.
Likelihood he'll wear them again: Excellent. This is my third or fourth time wearing them.
Comfort Factor: Excellent.
Stares in the building: A few, hopefully appreciative.
After wearing these today, Bill will: Go to a panel discussion on newspapers at Columbia School of Journalism where I am being offered up as salami and I am a vegetarian.
Tell us about the shoes Bill: These are Nike Air Force Ones. Very comfortable and well made. They are actually a women's size 12, there was never a men's release of these. These are the zebra series...these are white zebras with black stripes I think. I got them on the Lower East Side of New York. Perfect for evening wear, lounge lizard type sneakers...fitting for going to Columbia University to speak.
And the socks? [Dear reader, John forgot to ask about Bill's socks today. So we will never know why Bill chose to pair these shoes with these particular socks...if Anjali hadn't been working from home today because she was fasting, then we would have had an answer to this question. Anjali is far more thorough with this questionnaire than John.]

Anjali and John think....
These shoes would be most appropriate for: According to Bill, lounging like a lizard.
If someone famous wore these shoes, they would be: Snooki on a date. Snooki wearing sneakers. Say that ten times fast.

Likelihood to get Bill fired: None. Unless he is dating Snooki. And she gets up to some of her shenanigans.
Additional Commentary: We apologize for the sock situation. Anjali will not leave John unsupervised again.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is obvious why he picked those socks. They match. Don't pick on John!